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Art Teleported Korea 2021  CICA MUSEUM

          The Art Show and Conference for Nomadic Artists
















Fiber Artist: Nobuko Tsuruta  Performing Artist : Takemi Kitamura Photographer : Yuki Neo

Purge 2020 


CICA Museum invites creative writers, scholars, and artists worldwide to participate in “Art Teleported Korea 2021,” the Art Show and Conference for Nomadic Artists. The art shows will be held on January 20-24, 2021 at the CICA Museum and online at the same time. Due to the uncertain global situation, the conference will be held online on January 23-24, 2021.

Through Project Art Teleported, we aim to create a global network among nomadic artists, designers, audiences, and communities and promote understanding and appreciation of each other, so they can make, share, appreciate, and live in art in any region and culture.



                      EXPERIMENTAL FASHION & FIBER ART 2020

         CICA Museum in Korea










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