I’m Uncomfortable. You Should Be, Too

Juliet Martin & Nobuko Tsuruta


I like Juliet's cynical and humorous style. Her work captures any one emotion from many perspectives and makes full use of the power of illustrations and words.

As I worked with Juliet, I found that my work does not have something she favors: the existence of eyes.

I purify my emotions in the process of weaving because by the time I let go of it as a work, its completion means there is no other person there; maybe eyes would be an intrusion. However, the eyes mean communication with the viewer. At the same time, they seem to me to be a symbol of common sense and everyday expectations, which is why this is “Uncomfortable.” I think the existence of that eye is uncomfortable to me.

In this opportunity to collaborate with Juliet, I would like to challenge the expression of works that are conscious of the existence of eyes. With you I feel uncomfortable. Where does it come from, what is it, and how should it coexist?


                                        @ Loop of the loom , Dumbo, Brooklyn                                           

            197 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY 11201             

Sep 30th 2022- Oct 20th

opening reception Sep 30th 6:30~

Studio open Tue-Sun 11:00-6:00

Monday close

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