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When I first moved to New York, adapting to a new environment, language, and diverse cultures was challenging. I lost my confidence and felt emotionally and physically drained. It was during this time that I discovered SAORI weaving, that celebrates individuality and embraces mistakes as part of the creative process. This encounter ignited a passion for art within me. I began my journey as an artist, finally finding hope in my life.


I am a fiber artist, creating primarily woven works. Weaving serves as meditation, where I entrust my inner self to threads. The process is a journey of self-discovery, finding all answers within. With no set goals, I create spontaneously, embracing failures as part of the process.

My weaving style defies tradition, allowing freedom to shape and explore textures.

Through playful manipulation of threads, I derive joy in manifesting their energy into tangible forms. I believe in transcending self-imposed limitations to discover true essence. Themes in my work revolve around vitality and acceptance, aspiring to inspire courage in others.

                                           -------- Nobuko




Nobuko Tsuruta is a fiber artist based in New York City whose work is exhibited internationally. Nobuko’s artwork is an exploration of the vital life force in all materials and beings. Her weaving practice encompasses installation, experimental fashion, and performance.

Born in Kamakura City, Japan, Nobuko earned a degree in economics from Rikkyo University before working in the fashion industry for eight years.

After moving to New York City, she discovered SAORI weaving and began her career as a fiber artist. Nobuko is a certified SAORI weaving instructor.



2024  Solo exhibition   A Message from Medusa     CICA Museum, Korea
2023  Solo exhibition   I To To To Mo (Thread and Friend)      Kyoto, Japan

2023  The 11th international Mini Textile and Fiber Art Exhibition, Scythia  Ukraine
2023  Juried  exhibition  TENUOUS THREADS  Atlantic Gallery   New York City               

2022  Art Fair   14C   New Jersey

2022  Duet exhibition I'm Uncomfortable.YouShould Be,Too. at Loop of the Loom Dumbo 

          for New York Textile Month

2022  Solo exhibition   I To To To Mo (Thread and Friend )  Kamakura city Japan

2021  Solo exhibition   Weaving My Life & Weaving Our Lives   New York City

                                                 at Loop of the Loom- for NY Textile Month

2021  Group exhibition  LICA@Atlantic Spring 2021 Atlantic Gallery   New York City

2021  Curatorial exhibition  Art teleported in Korea 2021  CICA Museum in Korea

2020  Curatorial exhibition  Fashion & Fiber art 2020  CICA Museum in Korea

2020  LIC-A@ATLANTIC VI   Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea New York City in March

2019  Exhibited " Wagokoro"Group show in Tenri Gallery in New York City 

2018  Exhibited ”Oru” at the Tenri Gallery in Cologne, Germany.

2018  Exhibited ”Amuse” at the Tenri Gallery in Paris.

2017  Solo exhibition "12Years"at the Tenri Gallery inNew York City

2016  Exhibited ”Metamorphosis” at CRS in New York 

2015  The Loop of the Loom group show at the Tenri Gallery in New York City 

2015  Exhibited "Deep and Deep, Gucha Gucha” at The Sheep Palette in Kyoto, Japan

2012  Solo exhibition “Cocoon” in Yushima, Tokyo

2012  Exhibited “Soul Journey“ at excy gallery in New York City

2012  Exhibited “All” at The Sheep Palette in Kyoto, Japan

2011  “Re –Birth“ was Nobu’s first solo exhibition, held at CRS in New York City 


Nobuko Tsuruta

About Nobuko












ニューヨークのアートスタジオLoop of the Loomに所属するSAORI織り認定インストラクターです。



2011年 「Re-Birth」- CRS NY

2012年 「ALL」Sheep palette 出展 京都 国立博物館

2012年 「魂の旅」二人展 excy ギャラリー NY

2012年 「コクーン」 個展 東京 湯島

2015年 「ディープディープ、Gucha Gucha」Sheep palette 出展 京都

2015年  SAORI スタジオグループ展 天理ギャラリー NY

2016年 「Metamorphosis / 変身」個展 CRS NY

2017年 「12 Years」個展 天理ギャラリー NY

2018年 「Amuse」個展 天理ギャラリーParis,France

2018年 「Oru」 天理ギャラリー Cologne,Germany

2019年 「Wagokoro」グループ展 天理ギャラリー NY

2020年  LIC-A@ATLANTIC VI アトランティックギャラリーNY

2020年 「Experimental Fashion & Fiber art」 CICA Museum 韓国

2021年  Curatorial exhibition  「Art teleported Korea 2021」 CICA Museum 韓国

2021年    LICA@Atlantic Spring 2021 グループ展 アトランティックギャラリー NY

2021年  「Weaving My Life & Weaving Our Lives 」 個展 Loop of the Loom Dumbo B

                                                 at Loop of the Loom-for NY Textile Month

2022年 「いととともー糸と友」個展 神奈川県 鎌倉
​2022年 「I'm Uncomfortable. You Should Be , Too」 2人展 Loop of the Loom Dumbo 
               for New York Textile Month

2022年  ArtFair 「14C 」  NewJersey

2023年  Juried  exhibition       「TENUOUS THREADS」  Atlantic Gallery    New York City

2023年  「The11th international Mini Textile and Fiber Art Exhibition, Scythia 」    Ukraine

2023年 「いととともー糸と友」個展 京都 
2024年 「A Message from Medusa」個展 CICA Museum 韓国

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